Roller Shade Fabric Choices

Solar Shade Fabrics

This is our most popular shade as it has see through capabilities and energy saving properties.

Printing is available on one or both sides of solar shade fabrics.

Fast Facts

Bacterial and Fungal Resistant

We use these high-quality screens as their unique composition actively fights against the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew—all things that can cause odors and stains, which significantly decrease the life of the shade.

Environmentally Friendly

Mermet E Screens block roughly 95% of the sun’s oppressive heat and harmful UV rays, protecting your customers and merchandise. They also let in just enough natural sunlight to create a cheerful ambience—all without impeding your view of the outside.

Because of their high performance, Mermet E Screens are certified by GREENGUARD® Fabrics as goods with low chemical and particle emissions for use indoors.

Fabric Specification

Mermet E Screens are composed of 36% Fiberglass and 64% Vinyl, a combination that makes them particularly durable, as mentioned above.

  • Width: 98” (250cm) 5%
  • Weight: 384 g/m2, 5%
  • Thickness: 0.55 mm

Please see the E Screen Spec Sheet for more detailed information.

E Screen 5% openness see through view

Classic Duck Fabrics

These time-tested fabrics are 100% Polyester and can be used to create complete blackout conditions, or are light filtering when you simply want to block the view from the outside.

Classic Duck fabric is available in two fabric choices:

  • Duck light-filtering – 0610      
  • Duck room-darkening – 1610

Available in Room Darkening or Light Filtering.

Side A with printed graphic and Side B as plain white fabric.

*Please note custom graphics can be printed on one side of the fabric. The opposite side will be white. Graphics can be either street side or interior facing.