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Roller Shade Options

Standard RollerStandard Roller

On the standard roller shade, the roller tube become visible as the shade is extended and the fabric rolls off the back. You can easily raise and lower standard roller shades with their cord loop operator.

Fabric Insert Designer CassetteFabric Insert Designer Cassette - Available in Cordless and Cord Loop

Conceal the roller tube with the Designer Cassette head rail for an elegant look with clean lines. Available in white, black and oil rubbed bronze, every head rail also comes with a matching fabric insert strip. All cordless shades include a clear plastic grip as an optional attachment.

Fabric WrappedFabric Wrapped Designer Cassette

The fabric wrapped designer cassette blends in perfectly with your roller shade, completely concealing the operating components to create a seamless look. It comes in a variety of colors and is not available with solar screens.

Single CordSingle Cord Operator

The easy-to-use single cord operator system is an alternative to our cord loop operated shades. The single cord systems are usually considered safer for small children. There are a few color options and each unit comes with a matching cord and tassel.

This system is available with Designer Cassette with Insert Strip shades as well as Designer Cassette with Fabric Wrap shades.

PowerTouchPowerTouch™ Cordless Motorized Wand with Touch and Go Feature for Roller Shades

An innovative hybrid of cordless and motorized options, this wand and pendant operation is attached to each shade and effortlessly lifts and lowers the fabric with the simple touch of a button. The quick touch and go features of this option make it perfect for spaces with children, pets, or larger shades.


This motorized lift system is able to extend and retract multiple shades at once with the click of just one button. We recommend this option for spaces with large windows, multiple windows, or simply for convenience. Motorized shades are also a safer option for children.

Fascia3" And 4" Fascia Standard Roller and Motorization

When placed in front of standard roller shades, our 3 and 4 inch fascia completely conceal the mechanics of the shade with clean lines and smooth metallic hardware. They also protect the fabric when the shade is fully raised.

Fascia is perfect for any space hoping to achieve a contemporary look. It’s available in white, vanilla, black, bronze, or brushed aluminum.

Bottom RailsBottom Rails

The perfect finishing look for any shade, our standard bottom rail is wrapped in durable fabric with sturdy clear endcaps. For a more modern look, select an exposed bottom rail in white, black, vanilla, bronze, or brushed Aluminum.

Bottom Rails