StoreFront Graphic Shades

Cellular Shades Options

StoreFront Graphic Shades can provide dynamic cellular shades with your logos and or graphics too!

Our unique printed cellular shades are created to save you money! Not only does their opaqueness add a level of privacy to your business, but it also blocks the harsh rays of the sun and provides insulation to ensure your energy bill is lower.

These shades are one sided, as the side without graphics is pure white. We are able to customize each order, so your image can face the interior or exterior of your windows.

We offer two excellent printing options:

  • 3/4" Tru-Cell Light-Filtering Honeycomb
  • 3/4" Tru-Cell Blackout Honeycomb

Each option is pictured below and is considered equally effective; the final choice depends on how much light you would prefer to be let through.

As noted below, images printed on fabric are not as clear as their digital or glossy print counterparts, but are still eye-catching and powerful.

Classic Duck BlackoutCellular Shades Premiere LightCellular Shades Premiere Blackout

Our commercial cellular shades also come with a variety of cord options. Although we recommend the cord loop clutch control system for most installations, cordless and motorized options are also available upon request.