StoreFront Graphic Shades

How To Order StoreFront Graphic Shades:

StoreFront Graphic Shades Is here to help you with your graphic printed window shade project. Feel free to call, email, or fax any questions you have concerning any part of your project. Include pictures of your window layout and your ideas for graphics. We recommend that you use local graphic designers in your area to assist you in creating your graphics. You may already have camera ready logos or other files that can be utilized. The types of files required are listed below. Always make your graphic as large as possible so that they can be reproduced in the sizes needed.

We can help you with layouts if needed and can also offer more intense graphic design layout on a per hour basis. There are also online resources for graphics or pictures that you can purchase for your use at minimal cost or even free. See some of those sites listed below.

Measure your windows where you want the shades to go. See our Measuring and Installation section on this website. If you are unsure, please send pictures and we will be happy to help you with the process. We want to make sure you receive shades that will not only look great but fit properly also.

Once we have your shade sizes and an idea of what you want on the shade, we will send you a firm quote for your approval and payment. Upon receiving payment and the files needed your order will be processed for fabrication immediately. Delivery is expected within 2-3 weeks.


  • Step 1. Email, fax or mail your order to us
    Fax: (888) 900-6483
    Mail: StoreFront Graphic Shades, 24 Meadow Hill Drive, Farmingdale, ME 04344
    Shade Ordering Form

  • Step 2. Send us your graphic files via email, portable storage media or Dropbox
    Send your files via email to
    Save your graphics to a CD/DVD, USB Portable Drive or SD, Micro SC or Compact Flash Card and mail to: StoreFront Graphic Shades, 24 Meadow Hill Drive, Farmingdale, ME 04344
    Save your graphics to your Dropbox account then share with us at . Please specify your file name(s) where applicable.

  • Step 3. Approve Your Proof
    Once your order has been placed, StoreFront Graphic Shades will email you a PDF proof of your shade order. Approval of the PDF must be completed before production begins. Once the artwork is approved, it will take approximately two weeks for your order to be printed, assembled, and shipped.

Questions? Please contact StoreFront Graphic Shades with all questions regarding Graphic Shade Orders.


StoreFront Graphic Shades File Specifications

Preferred Formats

  • Vector files/Adobe Illustrator (AI or EPS) Please convert all typography to paths prior to submitting your vector artwork.
  • TIFF, JPG/JPEG, or Adobe Photoshop (PSD) files with a minimum resolution of 100 pixels per inch at 100% size. For example, a shade measuring 30” x 40” should be supported by a graphic measuring at least 3000 x 4000 pixels.
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files. Created in “Press Quality” or “High Quality Print” with a minimum resolution for all raster elements of 100 pixels per inch at 100% size.

Graphics optimized for, or harvested from the internet are, in general, not suitable for reproduction onto shades.
StoreFront Graphic Shades does not take responsibility for getting permission and rights to reprint images showcasing copyrighted material. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to obtain permissions if needed.

Using Online Stock Agencies for Graphics for Your Shades
Sometimes, finding the right graphic or photograph to fit your shade size, shape, or content can be challenging. Fortunately, many web sites offer a great solution. Online stock agencies allow you to purchase reasonably priced, royalty-free digital illustrations, graphics, photographs, patterns, and more in thousands of different subject areas. Some of the more popular sites include:,,,,,,

Using these sites is easy, simply follow these steps:

Step 1. Create an account and search for your image (i.e. apples).

Step 2. Select, purchase, and download the image you like. You may be given a choice of sizes, so take care to select an option large enough for your needs.

Step 3. Send in your order along with your graphic files.

Conditions of Sale

All StoreFront Graphic Shades are custom fabricated to your exact specifications. We cannot accept responsibility for errors in ordering or cancellations and changes after the order is in production.

Fabric Color Variations

Due to the differences between the weaves and yarns, slight color variations may exist. These slight color variations are within established industry standards and should be expected.